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Empire City Trade News

Wednesday, March 18,

In this issue:

COVID - 19

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was rst iden ed during an inves ga on into an outbreak in Wuhan, China.

Prevention from spreading

The best way to prevent infec on is to take everyday preven ve ac ons, like avoiding close contact with people who are sick and washing your hands o en.

Empire City Adjusts

Empire City Consultants continues to strive in providing the same expected service during the recent pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.

During this pandemic, Empire City Consultants will remain open for business as usual and at full capacity, however in an effort to protect our staff, family, clients and business associates we have implemented an alternate day schedule policy to split staff into teams allowing staff to work from home and office. We have also reduced office hours to minimize exposure during rush hour travel. Below are the steps Empire City Consultants have taken to minimize the spread:

As we move forward, we will continue to monitor and provide updates on any changes from the municipalities that could possibly impact your project schedules.

DOB Procedures

As part of the citywide response to the Coronavirus, Department of Buildings (DOB) customers are being urged to immediately limit the amount of walk-in traffic to DOB offices. See attached Service Notice:

LPC Procedures

Starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020, as part of the agency response to the COVID-19 situation, LPC will be temporarily accepting electronic filing of all permit applications. See attached Instructions:

DOT Procedures

Effective March 18th, 2020, the NYC DOT Office of Permit Management & Office of Construction Control & Mitigation will limit interaction with the public until further notice and has implemented mandatory procedures. See attached Service Notice :

Empire City Consultants Inc. staffs each project with one dedicated project manager and expediter team to assure accurate and timely results throughout the life of the project. From zoning analysis and planning to sign off, your point of contact will never change. Our committed team specializes in working one on one with architects, builders, engineers and contractors to make certain permit submissions are compliant. Our ability to interact with regulatory agencies results in compressed construction schedules and accelerated occupancy to ensure that you achieve your goal on time.

Building Project Expeditors in New York City